‘Kitzit’ – Laguna Youth Dance Group


Kitzit is a Keresan word, meaning ‘to dance’

Buffalo dance grupo

Kitzit – Laguna Youth Dance Group consists of 9-12 dancers and singers. They range from 9-22 years of age and have been dancing together since 1998. The group has traveled extensively, sharing their dances, songs and stories of their culture & families.

They share various social dances from the Laguna Pueblo, such as: Butterfly dance, Eagle dance, Deer dance and Buffalo dance. These social dances of the Laguna Pueblo are shared as a means of prayer and personification of the animals the Pueblo people hold sacred.  While these particular dances are shared with the general public, importantly they are at the heart of the Pueblo’s core values, and are offered as a form of prayer to the creator and to the animals they represent. The group has traveled extensively around the US, and abroad.

History of Kitzit

The group emerged when principal coordinator, Kyle Swimmer approached his mother at the age of 13, sharing the story of how many of his peers were coming to Kyle to ask for guidance around language and culture. Kyle was concerned that many of his peers and community youth were not seeing the importance of language maintenance and that the community he grew up in was at a critical state of loosing generations of speakers with the passing of elders. With the loss of fluent speakers also impacts the transfer of the stories, and the intimate and deep ties to cultural knowledge. They realized that without language, the cultural will seize to exist. Kyle and co-coordinator, Bryan Carpio saw that they learned best when music was a part of the environment and with this thought they began mentoring youth through song and dance; from this mentoring emerged the danced group. With the support of elders, mentors, family and the investment of their own resources the group began building and creating their own traditional regalia. Kyle’s mother helps to manage the groups schedule and contracts, and arranges for travel.

Social dances:

bufalo solo negroeagle solobutterfly solo

Laguna Pueblo Buffalo              Laguna Pueblo Eagle                Laguna Pueblo Butterfly

Additionally, Kyle Swimmer (principal coordinator of the group) dances hoop dance and plays flute.

Cost and Fees:

  • Rates Are Negotiable.
  • Where applicable, mileage, room & board, airfare & vehicle rentals will also be included in contracting fee.
  • Due to most of the youth being under the age of 18, 2-4 adult chaperones MUST be onsite.These chaperones consist of parents (they also assist with wardrobe).
  • Where overnight trips are required, travel cost must include chaperones

 Contact for Kitzit:

phone  505-550-4189